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Title | Report of Highcom badminton game of year 2012
Launch time | 2012-04-26

To enrich the Amateur cultural life of the employees and deepen the communication between colleagues, Highcom held badminton game in the Forestry University Gymnasium on the morning of Sunday 22 April.


The colleagues changed clothes into dynamic athletes. They Smash, slash at smb., Lob showing their skill.And the cheering squad cheered. Each contestant give full attention to the indomitable spirit of sport, never give up easily, winning is not so important. Several badminton master's wonderful performance fire the whole competition. The entire stadium is full of hard work and happy atmosphere.


After fierce competition, the final prizes in the men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles come into being. This game not only provides employees with opportunities for physical activity, enhance friendship, and but also show the positive, hard working, collaborative outlook.